There are 3 Main Social Tournaments each year that take place on different Sundays between April and August. All are predominantly Mixed Doubles events with around 20 people entering each tournament:
The Lightfoot Trophy: where partnership remain the same for the whole event (first competed for in 1950)
The Whittaker Cup: where people change partners in each round (first competed for in 1990)
The Davies Cup: where teams are selected based on Nationality (first competed for in 2008)
The tennis in the Social Tournaments is quickly forgotten on the day itself as soon as Lunch is served. These have – justifiably – been described as legendary!

The Club also runs a very successful Singles Box League. This started in 2012 and has over 30 active “boxers” (Rounds of the Box League take 2 months, with 3 of 4 people in each box).

The Club also runs a Club Championships over 3 weeks in September. The 6 events attract around 80 entrants and Finals Day is always a good spectacle for the Club.

There are a couple of roll-ups each week. Wednesday afternoons (13.00-15.00 ish) is mainly a Mens roll-up with around 8 people playing each week, while Friday mornings (11.00-13.00 ish) features rather more Mixed matches. All are welcome to attend both of these events. In addition, there are a few Social 4s taking place at the Club during the week.

Juniors do take part in the Club Championships in one of the events (where they pair up with a Senior player).

In addition, there are occasional tournaments during the summer that are arranged during the weekly Coaching sessions.

Older Juniors are now encouraged to enter the Box League and also tend to play in some of the team matches.